Friday, June 5, 2009

Our shake down sail took us south east to the town of Promistien, a beautiful picturesque city out on a spit of land surrounded by an ancient wall. We made it ashore just in time to run to the top of the town to catch the sun set. We found a beautiful vista in the town cemetery. Even though it was not discussed, I know for that moment we all tasted the flavor of life. Seeing the sunset over the expanse of islands and ocean was invigorating. Watching this while being surrounded by head stones was a reminded of life’s frigidly and the profundity of our choices. Perhaps there is too much in this world to experience in the brief time we are here…but what else can one do but try.


  1. Read all the postings, sounds great! You guys did a terrific job on the boat, she is soooo sweet. One thing I did notice was the your solar panel arch. I can't tell if the wood 2" thick or 1" thick or the metric equivilent of 5cm thick and 2.5cm thick. The forces acting on the arch with the area of the panels will be very strong, in the neighborhood of over 100 pounds. Can the structure take that much force, remember it is only as strong as the weakest fitting. Well I am probably over analysing the thing. Love the pictures Call me as you make the Big Jump. Like I said I hope you make it to Othani as your landfall.


  2. Wow! What a difference from when we saw you in Solaris (before the girl's beautified things a little). No more smurfs and rudders! Did Lauren buy anymore rounds for y'all at that restaurant?

    Have a great trip! If you can, try to mountain bike in Bol on Brac. It is a really pretty ride.

    Good Luck!

  3. I'm in awe and completely jealous. Sitting at my work desk right now scheming up a way to get out there. Do you kids have a general itinerary. When/where would work best for Team HoG to take an 2 new members? Maybe early august?