Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good times at Solaris Marina......

We have been fixing the Heart Of Gold up. She is looking beautiful and happy, ready to return to the water. We have been Stuck Here in Sibenik due to weather... rain rain and more rain, and then wind too! But today we are getting craned into the water and then we will be off for the next parts of our adventure......

Sometimes we have had to do a little improv.( safety procedures!!!???)


  1. Man the boat looks sweet! I hope your Rube Goldberg setup works. Lets see lots of more pictures if you get stuck in port with the weather. Call before you make the jump, ok?

  2. I still stand by what I said. Nick is too tall to rollerblade, but man those stilts come in handy fixen a boat ehh?

  3. Very cool Nicky dude. I am heading for warmer waters in Mexico. so cool to follow your blog....thanks

    Mike wright