Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Island of Vis was opened to foreigners just 3o some years ago. We did not venture far from the main town but none the less it was still a very beautiful place. Given the lay out of the harbor it was no doubt that this must have proved a good shelter for war vessels over the centuries. I might be confusing my stories here, but I think Vis is where the ruler Tito had his personal estate and where he made his famous speech where he said, “We will not take what is theirs but we will not give what is ours”.
Looking at the calendar we needed to make our jump to Greece soon. From the southern most town of Dubrovnik it would be 185 miles and we were north and east by a long shot. The winds were forecasted light and in our favor, north westerly, but from Vis it would be 250 or so miles and we could only carry enough fuel, at best, for 30 hours at a speed of 4 miles per hour. We reviewed the carts and decided to leave Vis in the late afternoon had head for the island of Miljet. Here we would stop only to refuel fill water and check the forecast. The sail from Vis to Miljet was almost 60 miles and would take 14 hours. We prepared for our first night sail of the season.

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