Friday, July 10, 2009

Like a good book it seems that our blog is jumping between past and present, current events and previous memories;

(On the our crossing from Croatia to Greece)

Imagine the ocean as flat as glass, not a peek of land in sight. Now imagine seeing what might possibly be a fin, ‘A shark fin?’ you say to yourself. And with a sigh of relief you look again and realize it is a pod of dolphins so playful and large in size that your smile broadcasts and beams across the plate of now rippling water.

The eyes are thirsty for a reprieve of the monotonous sheets of water that the bow of the boat seems to slice through, laughter and joyful calling to the pods, we all drench ourselves in what may seem to be the most beautiful aqua dancing on earth.

When we sailed through the Adriatic on a pertinent and hurried mission to meet a friend in Greece,

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