Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Continuing on the 260 mile journey we rotated our 6 hour shifts two people on two people off and tried to overlap for dinner. The winds were light and we motored a lot. The fact that we only carried enough fuel for about 1/3 of the distance was a constant reminder that we were at the mercy of the winds. Just before sun set on the third evening we made out the hazy silhouette of the small Greek Islands lying north of Corfu. We were all very excited to say the least. The darker it got the windier it got; it was apparent that we were not going to creep into Corfu Town. When Victoria and I handed off the helm 9 pm to Sean and Harmony the swells had increased to 10 feet and the winds were sustained 20 knots. The two of us packed in the focus whole bed and tried to get some rest before we had to come back on at 5 am. Imagine trying to sleep in a bed that pitches up and down 10 feet and goes from a 10 degree angle to 35 degree angle every 20 seconds.

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