Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July in Greece

Yesterday was the 4th of July and we really wanted to see some fireworks. "What on the boat can do that?" someone asked.... hmmmmm. indeed what does?

Is some way we all returned to our previous pow-wow discusing the operation of signal flares on the eve of our big sail to greece. "Parachute or hand flares would be really cool" we joked.

"Lets see... red flares indicate distress so we can't use those. white flares are for signalling big ships that they are about to ruin your day.... we could break up a white hand flare and sprinkle it on some rocks.... flares are expensive and we will have to buy more... Is this a good idea?.... maybe... maybe not"

In the end we held a good party on the Heart of Gold by listening to any Patriotic type music we could muster up on the various Ipods and MP3 CD's aboard. About that, I don't think anyone has described our stereo system.

2, 6" waterproof cockpit speakers
2, 6" midship (boat) galley speakers
2, 6x9 speakers in the forecastle (fo'c'sle)
1 "bazooka Tube" (subwoofer) also in the fo'c'sle
the boat is 22' long

A little overboard but we like it. we also designed it 8 years ago when we were a little younger.

I realized again today that our boat is red, white and blue. matches our flag nicely.

So I hope everyone had a fun 4th.


The Heart of Gold

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